People are good at things they’re passionate about so if you follow your passion and your dreams, then success and a lot of fun will be yours for the taking




Annette Presley OMNZ has a great story to tell. It is a story of huge glittering highs that have brought dazzling success – and lows so low most of us would have given up and remained content with a life more ordinary.


But Annette has never dreamt about being ‘ordinary’ and, as a speaker, she gives a real life account of dreaming big, breaking out and achieving greatness.  She believes passionately that success is within the grasp of everyone and uses her life story to show how simple philosophies can take us all to greatness if we want it badly enough.


Making a difference to people’s lives has been the focus of Annette’s life since the 2015, $250m sale of CallPlus, the company she co-founded. She mentors female entrepreneurs through business acceleration programme Lightning Lab XX and urges teenage girls to shape strong futures through her charitable trust, Elicit – The Dream Catching Academy.


Annette’s passion for getting her motivational message across makes her a lively and entertaining speaker. The sparkle that made her a natural as the face of Slingshot and one of the ‘dragons’ on TVNZ’s Dragons’ Den serves her well in front of diverse audiences.


She is direct and honest and talks openly about her failures as well as the fun, wealth and accolades that signal her success. And although her story crosses all gender lines, the fact that she realised her dreams, and more, while also looking after her son and daughter will resonance with many women.

24 AUGUST 2017

AUT: Noho Marae address to Journalism Students 


Hosted by former leading journalist Richard Pamatatau, Annette joined a diverse range of speakers from politicians, sports, entertainment and industry personalities addressing Year 3 and 4 Journalism students.  The students were provided an insight into the effects of journalistic behaviours on the individual and how their ethics and reporting affects the personal life and families of their subjects.  

Speaking Engagements


Cathartic…. Gilda and I sharing our journey with the media over the years and trying to get the next generation to act with integrity......great day


7 JULY 2017

UNFILTERED LIVE: Team, Culture & Diversity


Annette is one of 7 world-class speakers sharing insight on how to get the best people into your business, create the desired culture and empower every member of the team to be the best they can be. 


1 JUNE 2017

Elicit Dream Day


"I am glad I had the chance to meet Annette and hear her stories. She has inspired me to chase my dreams and to never give up"


10 MAY 2017

Women Doing the Business - Philanthropy


"Everyone was so inspired. A heartfelt thank you for being part of the Women Doing the Business series. Sharing your stories is such a wonderful way to educate others"


5 MAY 2017

Faculty of Education & Social Work - Graduation Ceremony Address


"Annette's speech was beautiful.  No other description for it.  It gave me shivers down my spine"


10 APRIL 2017

Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Programme


"On behalf of all of the CIE and Innovation Squad, a MASSIVE thank you. The girls got a lot out of yesteday's talk and really enjoyed it"








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